Darling, you deserve better and you know it’s true.

woman hat poolYesterday, torn between exasperation and boredom, I viewed the self-help book at my work desk as another cliche. The cover of the book, filled with pink and promises, made my nose wrinkle as in, “Are you kidding me?” The back cover, complete with cheesy bio pic and buzz words (“empowerment” is oh so 80’s please) made me send off a picture of both covers to my daughter who replied, “Oy vey” to the back and “Barf” to the front. And there you have it, why I’m writing this blog post. We can do better than this.

You deserve better support, encouragement, and information when you want to reach your goals. And you deserve a stylish vibe that doesn’t scream “Infomercial” or “Grab your VHS tape.” Seriously, while you and I may have lived and played through past decades, we don’t plan to die there, right? How motivated can we be today and into our future if what we are seeing, reading, touching, or doing throws us back into the past?

Along with a current aesthetic, you deserve current content that speaks to your strengths. Our culture is in the terrible habit of overly pathologizing caring people while simultaneously dismissing valid concerns.

Think about this perfect hamster wheel: get women really busy with roles and relationships, increase their responsibilities, give them little down time, encourage them to over-function, isolate them from supportive women, throw in unsupportive women (cat fight!), watch stress increase, blame them for taking on too much and not taking care of themselves, watch them squeeze in a random act of personal care, now comes the discouragement because it didn’t help, depression or anger sets in, get back to being really busy with roles and relationships…

Exhausting, right? You deserve better than the hamster wheel. Calling the relentless spinning what it is, isn’t about playing a victim or self-pity. You simply deserve a lighter load and time spent meeting your real needs.

I deserve better, too. I have a crazy notion that today, right now, I can be authentic and transparent in all that I do. That includes how I interact with you online. I’ve learned so much about those who care; what we need to be whole and to have a life of purpose. We have a dogged determination to hold our ground and be respected because of our personhood, not our income, degrees, roles, or other markers of which our culture is disproportionately enamored.

I believe that there has to be a better way to help generous givers in their time of need and as they see fit, right now. My entrepreneurial spirit is leading me beyond cliche pink and promises. And today? Today is about writing a blog post and helping generous people to get off the hamster wheel.