You ask, “What diet are you on?”

mango-avocadoAnswering questions about well-being is one of my favorite ways to connect and share. “How did you lose weight?” and “How have you kept the weight off?” keep people curious!

This blog post from Spring 2015 stands true today with just a few updates. I no longer log my food intake daily because I learned so much from doing so that portion control and variety have become second-nature to me. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. I still recommend logging at first to learn and to grow a community.

I’ve increased my tolerance for carbohydrates so no need for me to follow a strict 40:30:30 macronutrient approach. It’s still super helpful to include protein, carbs, and healthy fats at each meal.

Also, I focus on vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables to include juicing. There’s always something new to keep well-being goals hopeful and exciting.

Family Love Does More

Several local friends and acquaintances have asked me about my diet. I’m pleased that others have noticed a positive physical change in my appearance and, yes, the food I eat has much to do with me looking and feeling healthier than I have in years. 

I’m not on a diet, per se. How I eat doesn’t have a name. Yet there are some principles that I can share with you that have worked for me.

Log food. I use MyFitnessPal (MFP) and invite you to join me. My diary is open if you are interested in what my meals and snacks look like. Logging food is very eye-opening. Within two months I figured out that I was likely lactose intolerant, couldn’t have too many carbohydrates at one time, and that animal fat didn’t like me.

Get tested. I had chronic digestive upset, episodes of severe incapacitation, and much fatigue, so…

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