Inspiring You To Put Love Into Action. ~ Hosted in Tempe, Arizona the 4th Wednesday of each month by Angie Mc Now.
Provides a monthly gathering place for wholehearted women juggling, balancing, and dancing with multiple duties, responsibilities, roles, and goals.
Support women to be heard by challenging us to present topics of interest related to clear thinking, deep feeling, and performing well.

Ensures an atmosphere where women can engage safely and respectfully and discuss matters related to taking better care of ourselves, our work, relationships, environs, time, and more.

Encourages women to CHANGE themselves, take ACTION in the world, and NETWORK among like-hearted sisters.

CAN-do members networking into punchy late night fun
A few CAN-do members networking into punchy late night fun.

For those in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, consider yourself invited! Please RSVP at for location and more information. Bring a friend!

Upcoming Meeting: April 27, 2016


6:00 Accountability Partners Group (Available to those who attend at least 1 CAN meeting)
6:30 CAN Meeting Welcome
6:45 Presentation 1:
7:30 Presentation 2:
8:15 Network
9:00 Close
This meeting needs 2 presenters. You perhaps? Presenters need to have attended at least 1 CAN meeting and preference will be given to members in turn.
Reasons to Present:
To share helpful content (books, videos, local finds).
Inform others about your business offerings.
Improve public speaking skills.
Test new ideas.
Share stories.
Be creative.
Presentation Examples: Summarize a book. Explain your business. Give a demonstration. Practice a speech. Show a TED Talk. Share a hand-out. Tell a story.

Presentation Parameters: Topics related to life-enhancement, self-improvement, relationship-building, and improving performance at home, work, and play.

CAN Kayleen
Sisters united by generosity and amazing modeling skills.
5 things I know for a fact.

1. Whole-hearted women give to and serve others in need through a variety of roles and relationships.

2. Whole-hearted women need (and dare I say deserve) to be receivers of generosity and love, too.

3. There is a unique and singular power produced when whole-hearted women network.

4. Whole-hearted women need peers who get it, who understand. No time for judging, complaining (well, maybe a little if it makes us laugh), or self-condemning.

5. Whole-hearted women need mentors who can help them to Change and take Action. Mentors are those who have figured out a piece of our puzzle through their life experience or are in a place where we envision ourselves being soon.

Love ~ Angie Mc

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