Wellbeing Advocate and Mentor to Generous and Undervalued Women

Image Credit: Elisa Yazmin

I love women who pour their love, creativity, and generosity over the world like honey soothing and sweetening hot waffles.

And my stomach churns, brow furrows, and jaw drops when I observe delightful and delighting women curled up into a ball of discouragement, confusion, and worst of all, self-loathing when their love, care, and generosity is undervalued, rejected, and (laughably) blamed for being “too much.”

I’m Angie McIntyre, insightful problem solver, relationship builder, and dedicated, fierce mother runner. I create content to combat the depletion that many of my generous and undervalued kindred spirits face. And I get results.

From the time I was born until June 2, 1992, I was on an upward cultural trajectory. I complied, earned and achieved. On that day, something extraordinary happened. A miracle hid in an ordinary moment experienced by countless women across time and culture. I gave birth to my daughter.

Everything stopped.

At that moment, I entered an expansive space of clarity, focus, and love. I told her and my husband that I would never leave her. I meant every word of it and little did I know that my years of compliance, earning, and achieving in a culturally approved way were over.

Fast forward, after many years of birthing, lactating, child-rearing, home educating, and relocating, my almost 30-year marriage flat-lined, two of my four kids were leaving our nest, and my creative juices were as dry as my Arizona desert.

I was 20 pounds overweight, pale and listless, and couldn’t run 100 feet.

I prayed without consolation and talked to myself as the toughest taskmaster.

My work was both tedious and uninspired while my workspace was dull.

And just when I needed friends to lean on the most, I found they were genuinely struggling in a similar way and understandably had l little time or energy to give me.

I love big-hearted, crazy-caring, over-the-top givers like you.

Here’s the thing, the struggle is purposeful and necessary. And you are up to the work needed for your transformation. How do I know? Because the proof is in the pudding of all the people you have helped to be better. You know what better is. You simply need the kind of support that you give to others. You need a you for you, and that’s me!

I have helped women of all stripes to take better care of themselves because they want and need energy to do what they do best.

Ann is a sweet, soft-spoken, hardworking woman who recently went from working part-time to full-time after two of her three children left the nest. Full-time work proved to be a challenge to her schedule and body. Sitting more and having less time to walk for exercise, she gained unwanted weight and was concerned about her fatigue. Among other things, she emotionally and financially supports her one adult child who faces serious health challenges.

Bonnie is a confident, articulate, and no-nonsense woman who has many children (little through high school), serves in the National Guard, and is politically active. Her marriage of many years is in flux because of her husband’s increased demands at work and his own midlife challenges. The family’s schedule is ambitious and high energy.

Claire is a funny, determined, “getter done” woman who teaches her children at home, care gives for her ailing mother, and volunteers in her community and at her church. She battled through several months of depression recently, coming out on the other side with high hopes and goals for herself.

Donna is happy, healthy and pregnant with her second child. She experiences morning sickness all day long, her two-year-old son is full of energy and her husband is a busy graduate student. She’s a freelance writer with deadlines that were scheduled before she felt the crush of pregnancy fatigue.

These women deserve and earn results for themselves with my support. I listen to their stories and validate the truth that they are worthy and able. They clarify their personal goals, jumpstart their exercise, adjust their diets, increase their rest and relaxation, improve their morning routines, beautify their space, laugh more, and dream big, bigger, biggest. I hold onto hope with them when they are crushing it and I hold onto hope for them when their hope is being tested.

I hate seeing you discouraged, overwhelmed, sick and tired.

Have you noticed that you are doing more yet feeling less success? That you are giving to others and have little left in the tank at the end of the day? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Anxious or depressed? Disgusted or frustrated? Confused or chaotic? Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? I hear you.

Being generous and undervalued is hard. This point isn’t to discourage you, but rather to reassure you that caring for yourself and, at the same time, others well is difficult but not impossible.

I create services with all of you in mind.

Your vocation, your highest calling, your most creative contribution to the world matters.

Your body, health, and fitness goals matter.

Your inner life and internal dialogue matter.

Your work, workspace, and time matter.

Your social needs matter.

Be well. Care big.

The truth in 3 steps:

1. The world needs your care.
2. You need and deserve to be well to care big.
3. Functional wellbeing is attainable, with proper support.

Let’s connect. Email me at angiemcnow@gmail.com. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do every day, day in and day out. I value you, your care, and your wellbeing.