25 reasons why I run and hope you will

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As a tween, my friend’s older brother, an avid music fan, insisted that we listen to a bootleg cassette of a guy he heard perform at the Jersey shore, we listened. This brother was around eighteen years old and I was flattered to be included if not exactly feeling the need for more music in my life. I was perfectly content with the bubble-gum pop that filled my young heart with song. Yet, this cassette was to transition me into more serious rock-n-roll and I’m glad I stepped up to the moment. It didn’t hurt that I was listening to Bruce Springsteen, well before he was The Boss, and I was swept away.

Good friends (and their brothers) are like that; they share their hard-earned love in the hopes that others will love it too. And good friends give you the benefit of the doubt when you look a little crazy.

Marc Parent, column writer of Newbie Chronicles at Runner’s World, shares:

How does a rational person choose discomfort over comfort, time and again? In other words, how do you stay crazy? There are many compelling reasons to run – some universal, some personal, some obvious, some obscure. The trick is to keep those reasons at the front of our mind. You make a list of these reasons – a convincing list of arguments for why you run. You refer to the list when you are weak and the cake is strong. The word fun isn’t on this list. If running is fun for you, you don’t need a list. The rest of us do. We need reasons to run. Really good reasons.

Here are some of my really good reasons.

  1. Check exercise off the list. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended by… everyone. It’s empowering to say to everyone, “Yes, I exercise at least 30 minutes a day.”
  2. Personal responsibility. I could no longer lean on my past youth, or anticipate “when my kids are older”, or medical cures. The time is now.
  3. Running is inexpensive. No gym, pool, field, or class necessary. A pair of running shoes that fit well and take you where you want to go helps.
  4. Running is efficient. More benefits are received in a 30-minute run compared to a walk of the same duration. (Walking is awesome, too.)
  5. Run most anywhere. Walk out your front door and run. Run on city streets and rural trails. Run in your neighborhood and anywhere you travel.
  6. Run most anytime. Morning, midday, night, weekdays, weekends, holidays, seasonal, and year-round (with the help of treadmills.)
  7. Running heals my gut. After a lifetime of digestive and circulation issues, running is an integral part of why I feel better.
  8. Running lifts my mood. The tap, tap, tap, tap calms and soothes.
  9. It’s simple to begin and a challenge to master. I’m constantly being tested by the finesse and nuances involved.
  10. Run with siblings on RunKeeper. My brother hits the streets in Pennsylvania and my sister tracks her miles in Texas, yet, online we run together.
  11. Sweet high-performance clothes and shoes. Mix and match vibrant colors and sleek textures.
  12. Run for the love of food. Manage weight, eat more and eat better for fuel and celebrating.
  13. Set and meet goals. Personal bests. Finish lines. Winning.
  14. Run to be engaged in my community. 5Ks are a blast and often raise money for charity, too.
  15. Runners inspire me. Each has a story, a tenacity, a goal. Each is beautiful.
  16. Improved vitality and stamina. Chronic exhaustion is awful. Energy is wonderful.
  17. Improved strength, strong core, and lean mean arms.
  18. Better sleep. Resting and running go hand in hand.
  19. Practice patience. Gradual results counter the tendency for immediate gratification.
  20. Quality time alone. Take a break from life’s demands.
  21. Listen to music. I adore Spotify playlists.
  22. Time to pray. Amen.
  23. Creative inspiration. Business ideas. Blog posts. Family projects. Problems solved.
  24. Look forward to something positive. A plan and a purpose for each day.
  25. I run for those who won’t or can’t. Because I can.

As a recovering super-hater of running, decidedly not a Born to Runner (could not resist the nod to Springsteen), I’m grateful and glad that I gave running a try two and a half years ago. I quickly realized that much of what I believed about running, and myself as a runner or athlete, was flat out wrong. Sometimes it’s wonderful to be wrong.

Running is a life-giving privilege.  I believe that, while running may not be for everyone, it is for anyone who wants to give it a try or who wants to increase their wellness, to include happiness. As an avid fan of the benefits of running, give my reasons a listen and I hope you get swept away.

Need more convincing? Check out these articles:

I’m Angie McIntyre and I believe that love is action, running is better than complaining, and wellness is for everyone. Do you?


28 thoughts on “25 reasons why I run and hope you will

  1. Great post, Angie. I agree with all your reasons for running and more. I ran 10 miles daily for many years. It was my sanity and my alone time. It was without a doubt the best years of my life for being healthy and totally energized. At the end of 20+ years and after my 2nd serious concussion, my healthcare team insisted I either walk on a dirt track or preferably a recumbent bike. I don’t think the need to run ever goes away.

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    1. Sheri, of course you are a runner! A runner who would seriously kick my tail! I’m so glad you put your miles and years in when you were able. A hug to you for missing it, too ❤️ I’m going to ask you to brag for me. What was your best or favorite running accomplishment? And here’s a 🙌for ALL you do!

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      1. Angie – I’d never thought I could run. I’d always walked. Then one day one of the agents I worked with ran up beside me said he’d clocked me walking 17 minute miles. That’s the pace for women running in the army. I gave that 17 minutes a lot of thought. I’d never considered the fact that I could run too. One day I simply took off and never stopped. It was a new found freedom that I never knew I had and that made all the difference in the world. I was a runner when Tom and I met and he never understood how I could run in the rain, the snow, etc. I bet you know, it becomes a part of you.
        As for accomplishments – I ran a lot of 5K and 10K in sponsored events for the military (I was the oldest and it gave them extra points) plus I loved out-running the agents 10-15 years younger than myself. However, my biggest accomplishment was putting on my shoes and getting out the door once every 24 hours and knowing I was doing the best thing I could for my body and mind.
        I’ll brag on you here and anywhere else I can find. Professional women with families and busy schedules have no idea how many more hours they will find in their day if they become runners. Are you on Facebook – I did a quick look and didn’t see you – I was going to brag on you there. It take commitment and drive to be a runner but your 30 minutes will pay dividends when you are 70, the same as it does for me.

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      2. You’re the best, Sheri! I, too, was always a (fast) walker and yes, I believe there are others who, like us, can find so much good for themselves if they give running a go! You are 100% right about the biggest accomplishment being that of putting in the time every day, day after day. As Dave told me early on, every run is a good run. True!

        I’m also a bit chagrinned because I really just wanted you to brag about you!…but, heck yes, if you want to brag on me I won’t stop you 😀

        I’ll have my business on Facebook by the end of the year and will let you know when I do so. My “I love social media but not Facebook” story is for another time 😉

        Thanks for the encouragement and hugs to you and Tom ❤

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    1. Jim, my brother agrees. I’m so excited to be moving to a more runner friendly location here in Arizona where I can finally connect with other runners. Wishful thinking also continues that I can convince my current friends to give running a go. Solid people, true!


  2. Angie McFly! I’ve re-found you in BloggyVille, my dear friend! I believe in healthier is better, yes, but walking is my thing still. Down to 175 pounds! Here’s to you the summer of 2016. Hope you are well. Lots to catch up about, dear.

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    1. Super glad you are still walking because it obviously is working! Your proof is in your pudding! I’m eager to catch up too👍 It’s been a wild ride this past year and I’m really looking forward to what’s coming next. One quick thing, we’re in the middle of moving 😱 Happily staying in AZ ☀️ Currently in Denver for family reunion ❤️ Happy Sunday!


      1. You guys picked the perfect state for your family reunion. A year ago we were thoroughly enjoying Estes Park as the center point with a trip to Denver to the Zoo and Coors Field during Karen’s big Family Reunion. 🙂
        I will send you a regular email for more catch-up.
        Your new gravitas photo is awesome, Angie McFly!


    1. Oh, that’s on me, Andy! I insisted on starting fresh with a new blog connected to my work and passion for wellness. My other blog is my personal one, mainly about family, which is on hold for now. More than you needed to know but a long way of saying, thanks for the follow! And the blessing ❤️ Have a great week, Andy!

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  3. These are very compelling reasons, dear Angie… I don´t run, but love riding the stationary bike at home everyday and also lifting weights…. I think working out helps us relax and it is great for fitness purposes, obviously…
    Great post my friend… I hope you are doing well… love and best wishes. Aquileana 😉

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    1. You are exactly right, Aquileana! And I also love riding a stationary bike or lifting on days I’m not running. We need to move to be happy. Thanks for stopping by my new blog and have a beautiful day, week, life dear friend ❤️


  4. Those are some amazing reasons to run! I remember when you started, those few years ago, how you just .. did it! You’ve never looked back, and I’m so proud of you!

    I was a sprinter when I was a girl, got a couple of ribbons, too! But, knee says no running, and I feel lucky it even lets me walk, lol. Bossy knee!

    You are beautiful and fit and an inspiring example, dear Angie. I’m so happy you’ve found something you love. 🙂 *hugs* ❤

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    1. Well Ness, you can comment here any day! Thanks so much for being my witness and for your kind-Ness. I am grateful to have found a good fit for myself and will enjoy the privilege for as long as I can. And I’m pumped to help others find a good fit for themselves with running or any moving that makes one’s heart sing (and beat quickly)! Your life overflows with singing; your hubby, kids, blog, garden…what’s your favorite way to move in which bossy knee agrees?

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      1. Bossy knee is good with napping. 😉

        Seriously, most movement causes that lovely crunching sound so I just try to do things that don’t have much impact, or put pressure on it like stairs. It lets me walk for a bit so I get in as many steps as I can. 🙂 It’s what’s called an uneasy truce. We manage. 🙂

        *hugs* I’ll always vouch for you! ❤

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